Yoga & Vitality was created by Angela Taffinder in 2020 as an online yoga and wellness platform to support people physically, emotionally and mentally during the pandemic.

A subscription library with pre-recorded video classes from yoga, movement, breathwork and guided mind-work was produced by Angela during the lock-downs and is available via a FREE subscription. New recordings will be coming soon.

One To One and small group yoga classes are available soon at the Emporium Treatment Clinic.

Yoga, breathwork and guided mind-work help develop strength, improve posture, boost energy, increase the mind-body connection, improve overall health and vitality physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Nutritional advice and articles, along with healthy recipes are available to support holistic living and achieve a greater sense of wellbeing and vitality.

Vitality Starts Here!


”Hi, I’m Angela Taffinder

I have been in the wellness industry for over 35 years.

I specialise in providing skin care, figure improvement, and wellness treatments with a holistic, result-driven approach for which my clinic has always remained at the forefront in central London.

In more recent years my knowledge and expertise has expanded to include teaching yoga and abiding by all holistic principles.

My 57 years have thrown up a fair share of life’s obstacles, through which I have expanded my knowledge and understanding on both a professional and personal level. Practicing yoga, with a holistic life approach, has provided me with the tools to adopt many modifications in order to create a healthier and more positive life style.

With my commitment, knowledge and skills, I look to support others through the practice of yoga and wellness towards a more fulfilling life journey.”

Angela Taffinder

The heritage of Angela’s wellness expertise expands over 3 decades when she founded the Emporium Treatment Clinic which has always remained at the forefront in providing Skin Care, Body Shaping and Wellbeing solutions with a holistic result driven approach in the heart of Central London.

In more recent years Angela has expanded her services to teaching yoga.

In her later 50’s and armed with a catalogue of professional, life and healthy lifestyle experiences her aim is to draw on these to provide a sense of wellness, vitality, contentment and confidence to others.

Angela honours both the history of yoga as well its ever-changing modalities to provide authentic, diverse and creative yoga and mindfulness classes with a focus on strength and physical fitness as well as mental wellbeing to perfect technique, improve flexibility, mental state and inspire people to develop a practice that they enjoy and benefit from regardless of fitness or flexibility level.

Angela’ has often been described as ‘an iron fist in a velvet glove’; this attributes to guide regular self care, embody power, strength, wisdom and compassion that encourages everyone to the mat regardless of age, size, gender, fitness and personality.

In addition to her core yoga and wellness participation on the platform Angela has also drawn on the elite independent professionals she has the privilege to work with for so many years to provide a complete synergy supporting health and wellness.

Yoga Teacher Training Qualifications

RYT 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training:
Yoga philosophy
Yoga teaching foundations
Esoteric Practices

RYT 300 hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training:
Deeper yoga philosophy
Advanced yoga teaching
Advanced anatomy
Advanced asana’s
Advanced pranayama
Advanced drishti
Advanced sequencing
Senior yoga
Pregnancy yoga
Trauma sensitive yoga

Other RYT Training:
Restorative Yoga
Yin Yoga
Chair Yoga
Introduction to Ayurveda